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Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga is a wonderful helper to the pregnant and new mother. It is a way of releasing tension in her muscles and joints to bring about a deep relaxation. It helps her optimise her health, develop strength and stamina and prepare for birth and the new chapter in her life.

Yoga can help pregnant women progress through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It also helps the birth and post-delivery stages.  With the help of a good teacher yoga can prepare women emotionally, mentally and physically for the one of life’s biggest transitions – whether it is a first or fifth pregnancy.

Posture is also improved by yoga practice and this can help ease back problems and pelvic pain which are both common in pregnancy.

Please note there are currently no Yoga classes specific to pregnancy available, however the following general Hatha Yoga classes are suitable for pregnancy, with some modifications in some poses. These modifications will be explained to you when you attend the class:

Mondays 6 - 7 pm at Penn URC 

Mondays 10 - 11 am at Church of the Holy Cross Bilbrook

Wednesdays 9.30 - 10.30 am at Christ Church Tettenhall Wood

Depending on your level of Yoga experience, other general Yoga classes may also be suitable.

Please contact Caroline on 07748300481 or email